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Artista: UB40

Tell It Like It Is  (382)

en Inglés

I sus' a tell it like it is, yeah
I sus' a tell it like it is, oh yeah
I've got to be blatant in this time
Jus' like I know 1 + 1 no make 9 [Repeat]

Now what was I saying about being blatant
You got to be blatant in an argument
You got to make sure your feelings are felt
Perfect example for you from me
Watch lying politicians me seh on me T.V.
Pay big big money for the licence fee
(At the same time them a try fi fool we) [Repeat]


I've got to be blatant in this time
Now let me tell me more about being blantant
You got to be blatant me seh
With product you invent
If you don't patent it
You nah see a cent
You have no money fi go pay up your rent
If you crash fi your car
Or you in an accident
If it's not your fault you be blatant


Now I get serious about being blatant
Police come and mess with me pon the pavement
They say oi' where you going, what you doing here?
I just leave mi house fi go buy a tin of beer
Another example of being blatant
South Africa police a kill the innocent
Fire live ammunition me seh into a crowd
If that's not blatant murder
Then murder can't be found [Repeat]


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